Titan Infrared Light Waves

The Titan infrared light waves treat loose, sagging skin anywhere on the body, including the face, neck, chin, jowls, stomach, arms, buttocks or thighs. The result of repeated (usually 2 or 3 Titan sessions spaced over six months) treatments is tighter, more toned and resilient skin and a ‘natural’ lift to the treated area. During the procedure, the Titan’s infrared light device, a laser wand, is passed over the area to be treated, delivering a series of quick pulses. 

While the Titan handpiece cools the surface skin, the penetrating laser heat works to repair weak collagen fibers, which the natural aging process and environmental influences have worn down over time.  In response to the Titan’s sub-dermal heat, new collagen begins to generate, in a sense called to action to repair the disturbed skin.  Some improvement in skin tone and elasticity is immediately apparent, and time works to increase the effect.  With further Titan treatments, the skin grows firmer and appears increasingly youthful and resilient.