A customised laser induced method formulated for cumulative environmental stress, skin inflammation, sun damage and rosacea-prone skin. Incorporating advanced light and laser therapies and a medical prescription regime, this treatment strengthens the skin, reduces inflammation, redness, pigmentation as well as helps desensitise skin to the triggers of inflammation.

This intensive facial treatment simultaneously prevents and corrects signs of ageing by combating free-radical damage and powering skin renewal.

Over the course of several treatments, newly produced collagen softens the appearance of wrinkles, pores, and textural irregularities.

This custom-created facial is suitable for all skin types and colours, and works effectively for both men and women.

A multiple light wavelength energy targets damage inflicted from ultraviolet radiation, oxidative stress and ageing.

Stage 2
A laser induced rejuvenation process activates the metabolism of fibroblasts and enhances collagen regeneration.

Stage 3
High pressure hyperbaric oxygen that delivers hyaluronic acid and a powerful cocktail of vitamins, botanical peptides and anti oxidants to the skin.

Stage 4
Gentle waves on the red-infrared spectrum trigger a calming effect on the face providing the cells the energy to heal within.